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I have coordinated (and marketed) many events, both in serving as account executive for an agency and also as an employee for companies/organizations that were holding events. I have coordinated and executed:

To reflect on two of the most complicated events I’ve coordinated, I would highlight the Sex and the City 2 Movie Premiere in New York City in May 2010 and the Shot On This Spot citywide launch in New York City in March 2010.

Sex and the City 2 Movie Premiere
May 26, 2010

To celebrate the release of Sex and the City 2, On Location Tours (the company behind the Sex and the City Tour in New York City, where I worked as Interactive Marketing Manager) decided to run a day-long event that consisted of a special Sex and the City Tour, dinner, and a midnight showing of the film with a special appearance by Willie Garson, an actor on Sex and the City. In conjunction, we also had a press line for entertainment reporters to have a Q&A session with Mr. Garson before the showing. I worked with Willie Garson’s management to secure his appearance at the event.

Logistically, the event involved six buses of 50 passengers each (300 guests total) taking a tour throughout the city, a buffet dinner for all guests, a meet-and-greet with Mr. Garson, and swag bags for guests.

I was involved in the soup-to-nuts coordination and execution of the event months in advance, from logistical planning of tour locations, scouting the dinner spot, choosing–and coordinating with–the movie theater, and assigning seating in the theater according to bus. In order to keep the day running smoothly, I assisted in educating the tour guides on the schedule of the event (done by holding two planning meetings), organizing the registration and bus and movie seat assignment process, coordinated color-coded wristlets for guests according to bus assignment, and designed and created signage to use on tour and in the theater.

I coordinated with sponsors like PopChips, Vita Coco, The Pleasure Chest, and more to provide items for the swag bags and also organized a team of interns to stuff the bags and transport to the theater.

Because the event was also a press event, I was responsible for media relations. I invited journalists and bloggers to join us for the tour day and to cover the event. We had journalists from media outlets like In Touch Weekly, PopEater, Celebritology, and Betty Confidential, as well as several international journalists, attend the event. I attended the tour day as media liaison, answering questions, and also coordinated the velvet rope press line with Willie Garson before the movie showing.

Additionally, I was responsible for getting exposure for the event in general and promoting ticket sales. A big marketing “win” for me was getting the event posted on the official Sex and the City 2 Facebook page. It received more than 1,200 comments.

I should note that the entire event day was a team effort and that it was by no means a one-woman show. However, I do consider my contribution to have played a large role in the success of the event, both in terms of the guest experience and from a PR standpoint.

Shot On This Spot Launch
March 3, 2010

In my role as Interactive Marketing Manager for On Location Tours, I helped brainstorm the concept of Shot On This Spot, a city-wide program to identify and bring attention to businesses that have been used as filming locations for TV shows and movies. We considered the program to be a membership association that would 1) Bring awareness to local residents and tourists to filming locations in the city. 2) Provide increased exposure to these local establishments, both financially and PR-wise.

I was first responsible for researching businesses that would qualify (had been featured in a TV show or movie) and contacting them to invite them to participate. Participation required the businesses to 1) offer an ongoing discount to Shot On This Spot patrons 2) place a web banner and link to our website on theirs 3) display the Shot On This Spot sticker or logo in their establishment.

Once we had gathered a list of about 20 participating businesses, we decided to hold a city-wide event to announce the program launch. The concept was this: on the evening of Wednesday, March 3, 2010 we would hold a kick-off cocktail party announcing the launch of the event, followed by a free modified movie tour of the city on On Location Tours buses that would drive patrons to the participating establishments. The two buses would make their circuit 3 times in order to encourage guests to hop on and off to visit as many locations as possible.

Logistically, this required 1) Coordinating with the participating businesses to secure their involvement on the day of the event and to educate them about the event schedule. We did this by holding two planning happy hours with the business representatives to go over details. 2) Mapping out commonsensical bus routes that would not only provide key filming locations for an interesting tour, but would also provide a route that made the participating establishments accessible. 3) Coordinating with Planet Hollywood for the cocktail party 4) Advertising and promoting the event.

I designed and created the Shot On This Spot brochure and map, which was essentially the patrons’ “passport” to receiving their discounts at the participating establishments. I also coordinated with PopChips to act as sponsor of the event; they provided snacks and water for guests on the bus.

The launch was a success, with about 100 guests attending the cocktail party and visiting the participating businesses for their discounts. Shot On This Spot continues to run as a program, with businesses offering discounts to patrons who mention “Shot On This Spot.”


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